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When you have insomnia, you’re never really awake and you’re never really asleep.

That’s part of the reason I wanted to drink tonight, aside from the fact that it’s Wednesday and I’ve already had a rough week. If I’m sober it takes me *hours* to fall asleep, but after a couple of drinks I’ll be out like a light.

Finals for the swim meet were tonight. My goggles stayed on, so I did a lot better – 25.70 50 Free. In between my events I sat on the bench and did homework like the loser I am. I’m never leaving both of my math assignments for Wednesday again.

I went grocery shopping and everyone in the store was tapping their hand or walking in time or doing something. It was eerie. Granted, this was at 12:30 AM, so half of them were probably drunk.

SPSB Update: I took two days off for the swim meet. I feel like such a fat ass. It would be nice to feel good about my body for a change.

This website has changed my life (for the past 8 hours): 

If I went to sleep now I could get nine hours. I think I’ll watch a movie.

Kevin just came home with Lov Shack after drinking 12 beers today. I hope he gets fat.

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