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Hump Day

As I was leaving class today I realized that everyone I’ve talked to in the past week or so is either a PhD or has a high school diploma; there’s no middle ground.

Wednesdays are my easiest day though. I finished with classes at 1:20, came home and spent a nice leisurely afternoon at the CoRec, working all the muscle groups I never have time for in the morning. I’m pleasantly sore now. I also ran a six minute mile at the end of my normal run, which made me feel awesome. I’ve spent the rest of the day doing homework for the most part. Tomorrow’s going to be dedicated entirely to studying for next week’s exams, and in 48 hours I’ll be in the Big Easy. Today’s high temperature in New Orleans: 19°C (66°F).

Jason: What’s .25 times .75?

Sean: Why do you always ask me these questions? .1875.

Kevin: You just answered your own question.

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