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It’s been too long, partly because I’ve been sick and partly because I’ve been in kind of a funk. Maybe that’s the same reason; I don’t know. I finished up with this first round of midterms on Thursday and overall I doubt it went very well. I did get back the Statics test today and I scored a 97%. Note to self: 300 + 80 ≠ 320.

That song by The Darkness has been pretty much the soundtrack to my life for the past week. I actually paid 99¢ for it at the iTunes Music Store, so I guess I’ve been trying to get my money’s worth.

I ran for the first time in almost two weeks today. I could barely breathe and I only made it a mile before I had to call it quits. Miles to go before I sleep, I guess, but at least my body is back on the To Do list. No, really, I listed it in iCal: 3/12/04: Get ripped. The weather is really nice all of a sudden, so I can start running outside and everything.

Parties on Saturday, Sunday, and Thursday this week. Three weeks to find a date for formal – argh.

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