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I guess the majority of you have spring break this week. You’re all lucky bastards. After raining all day yesterday, it abruptly got beautiful this morning. The sun is shining and if the birds would be singing if they weren’t getting blown away by the 45+ knot gusts. So, between the weather and the weekend I’m in a good mood.

Stuck in my head this week: The General by Dispatch. Thank you, Phil and Yuri.

Our “spontaneous” was at Veno’s last night. I actually wound up having a really good time, probably because I took Chelle. I know it’s history repeating (she really *is* Glynis), but but I can’t help it. Abbott asked her to formal for me, and I’m not sure I’m crazy about the idea. Having a boyfriend may only be a yield sign, but I guess what I’m getting at is that I don’t just want a fuck buddy, or maybe that I’m incapable of having a fuck buddy, and just like with Glynis, that’s all it could ever really be. Emotions are such a hassle sometimes, and yet I’d forgotten how good it feels to be hugged.

Walking back from the bar Kyle found a bike that wasn’t chained to the rack, and since I was the only one sober enough to ride it back to the house it became mine. So, I have a bike now… I guess it’s time to start training for that triathlon. I haven’t ridden a bike since Yuri and I disassembled mine to build TWHDT, but it really is like skinning a cat – once you learn you never forget.

This weekend is actually bittersweet, because I know I’m going to be psychotically busy. I really need to get a head start on all the work for next week – four Spanish essays and another Linear Algebra midterm, on which I need to do well to make up for the first. Plus BMOC tonight and more pledge stuff tomorrow… ugh. Maybe I’ll get started early for a change. After this week, I’m definitely going to need a break.


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