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I got bored enough at one point today that I started reading people’s away messages and so had conversations with a few people I hadn’t talked to in months.

I don’t really know how to describe what I’m feeling right now. Boredom, to be sure, but I have plenty of studying I could be doing. […]


I’ve been spending less and less time on the computer lately and it’s starting to show in my typing. I’m going to start writing again, either picking up Sunbeam where I left off or starting something new. I’m kind of playing with the idea of a fictional autobiography, which means I either have to come […]

Get Down with the Sickness

I’m sick.

As I was lying in bed delirious with fever it occurred to me that maybe there are still people wanting to read this, so I might as well say something.

Anyway, Yuri called a few minutes ago and we reminisced about high school. It got me thinking about how many parts of our […]

Hello (again)

I really am going to try to update this more frequently in the future. The past few days I’ve been so unmotivated it’s ridiculous. There are four weeks of classes left and I feel like I won’t make it.

XY Update: Formal last weekend wound up being a really good time. I don’t want to […]