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Back again again again

I had an awesome weekend. Thanks, y’all!

Too soon though it came to an end and I found myself back in Tennessee, exhausted and somewhat more poor.

My mentor is on vacation this week. I officially have nothing to do.

I saw three police cars today. They’re the first I’ve seen in Oak Ridge. Actually, I think it was the same police car all three times.

Tonight I went for a drive on some state roads south of town. It wound up being exactly 26.3 miles, and I mean exactly, as in the odometer hit 26.3 while the front half of my car was already in the parking spot. That was a little freaky. So I’ve decided that I have a goal for this summer. By the end of the next five weeks, I will run it.

Speaking of five weeks, tomorrow is the halfway point of my time in Oak Ridge. Go me.

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