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Who let the dogs out?

My roommate/landlord, Norm, has five dogs right now.

JR is some kind of big mutt. He’s very affectionate and (this is the part I’m really learning to appreciate) he rarely barks. He’s also learned how to climb the fence by hooking his paws through the chain link, so he spends most of the day on a chain in the yard. Which seems to be OK from JR’s point of view; he’s equally happy going on the chain and being taken off of it. When he gets taken off the chain though, he takes off like a furry little cruise missile; JR is easily the fastest dog I’ve ever seen.

Norm also has four Dachshunds: three females and a male, part of his breeding program. None of them have names as far as I know. I’m fairly sure that the females are part of the litter that was born last summer. The male is a new addition; he was a puppy a month and a half ago and is pretty much full grown now. Anyway, I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that I’m not a Dachshund kind of guy. They bark all the time, which is extremely annoying, and it turns out they’re pretty mean. More on that in a second. Oh, they also turn their ears inside out when it’s hot outside, which is cute.

Enter Dusty, Norm’s girlfriend’s Doberman. Dusty in roughly the same size and weight I am, and she’s much, much nicer than the Dachshunds. The hell of it is, the Dachshunds give her crap all the time. The past two nights, they’ve kept me up literally all night barking. The best part is that every once in a while Dusty will get completely pissed at the puppy and start attacking it. The puppy thinks she’s playing, however, which is funny because Dusty’s idea of playing is to put most of the puppy inside her mouth:



Long story short, I’ve never been much of a dog person, but they can be fun.

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