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Stochastic Modeling

Today’s forecast high for Lafayette was 12°C. The actual high was 17°C. I actually know a thing or two about the difficulties inherent in modeling complex non-linear systems, but given the amount of resources we’ve invested in this particular problem over the past half-century or so, we should be able to do a lot better. […]

Cooking is Fun

Dinner tonight was a baked salmon fillet and a quinoa salad with olive oil, asparagus, and Roma tomatoes. It looks and sounds impressive but was stupid easy to make.


Is the Internet Killing the Written Word?

Yuri turned me on to this band Emanuel and The Fear. (Caution – MySpace link) Apparently his roommate Jeff plays with them, and I have to say they are unabashedly kick-ass. Sort of a Polyphonic Spree meets John Mayer thing, but then again what do I know about music?

Anyway, they have a track called […]

Stickin’ It to the (Bank) Man

I just discovered what is going to be one of the biggest money-savers in my life. If you pay for your groceries with a credit card at Pay-Less (and therefore, I assume, any Kroger) and “forget” to use your shopper’s card or coupons, the Customer Service desk will give you the difference in cash.

I […]

“Change of Equipment”: BROKEN PLANE

If a plane leaves Boston at 6:15 with broken landing gear, and the replacement part leaves Detroit at 11:00, what is the probability that I’ll make my 37-minute layover in Cincinnati?


I sketched this in draft form on the back of my canceled boarding pass in Indianapolis, as sort of a nod […]

Start spreading the news…

…I’m leaving, well, not quite today yet. But I am headed to NYC in the morning for some quality time with my main man Yuri. Only in a non-gay-sounding way.

When it comes to packing, I think there are three kinds of people. There are people who throw some things in a bag at the […]

A Modest Proposal

It is now readily apparent to me that I leave Purdue with no skills I did not possess upon arrival. There are some specific pieces of information I have memorized, to be sure, but most of those came from Wikipedia and Google searches. Fault does not really even lie with Purdue. It is, as […]

Clone Brew: Duvel


Duvel is THE commercial example of a BGSA (Belgian Golden Strong Ale, BJCP Category 18D), and since I’m brewing what’s intended to be a clone I thought I should finally taste the real thing. I racked the beer from primary directly into a keg today, so this seems as good a time […]

Speaking of TED…

Only two in a row, I promise. This has got to be one of the most interesting, most accurate, funniest videos I have ever seen. Required viewing for anyone who plans to be alive for the next few years – or the next few hundred.


The Future of Wearables

I was lying in bed last night, too jacked up from a day of coding (OK, and a Tom Clancy novel) to get to sleep right away, and my half-zombified brain was thinking about this TEDTalk:

It really got me thinking about wearables. I remember the IBM commercial from probably a decade ago in […]