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All the News that’s Fit to Blog

I was watching The Colbert Report on Hulu, and there was an item about the WBC, which got me briefly excited until I realized they were talking about the World Barista Championships, which lends itself to stunning footage like this:

As opposed to the World Bartending Championships, where people do things like pour seven […]

Reinstate the Draft

Totally self-serving plug: I put a bunch of draft beer odds and ends on eBay. Buy it so I don’t have to deal with a creeper.

Buy my crap!

In not-really-related news, my first eBay transaction was a decade ago today. Yikes.


Batch 25 Update

After five months and three yeast cakes, I’ve finally racked Batch 25 into a carboy for bulk conditioning and aging. The last yeast cake, WYeast 3864, did such a good job (knocking about 12 points off of what was already a 19% beer) that if/when I do this again, I may make it a Belgian […]

Budweiser is Delicious

The King of… well, cheap beers, anyway

The only upside of my shockingly delayed flight to New York (I could have driven there faster) was that the nice man flying the plane bought us all drinks. The beer options were Budweiser, and Miller Lite. As far as I can tell, Miller Lite tastes […]


This morning, Kirk and Lynne officially became my first friends to (voluntarily) reproduce. In my “congratulations, don’t drop her” email I almost said something about them having 16 years before they had to worry about me hitting on their daughter, but in a rare fit of common sense I didn’t.

Mazur brought up the fact […]

Dry-Hopping down the Bunny Trail

Powerthirst Mk2

If it’s Easter, I must be eating a couple hard-boiled eggs and drinking a beer. By family tradition, this should be a Busch Light, or at least a Budweiser, but in honor of brewing a small batch of Imperial IPA today, I’m drinking the last bottle of the first batch, from […]


Here’s a fun look at what our (distant and attractive in a way that you know is wrong but feels so right) cousins think of our cable TV programming. Turns out, there are people who hate Fox News more than me.

It’s really enlightening to see how the rhetoric is viewed by someone with […]

Heads Up

Just a note to let people know that if it doesn’t seem like much is happening, it’s because I’m (finally) transcribing over my journal from Europe, and sorting, tweaking and captioning the 442 photos, at a rate of maybe 3-4 posts per day. They’re backdated so that things won’t be weird, but the “europe” tag […]

Good Beer, Easy Beer

There are few things as satisfying as a homemade beer.

This page should serve as a comprehensive introduction to the brewing process. While John Palmer’s outstanding How to Brew is undeniably useful, its length can be off-putting for someone who wants to dip his toe into the hobby. As far as I know, […]

Linky Linky

So I don’t have to thinky thinky.

I want to move to the UK, just so I can read their editorials. Seriously, this is what passes for an opinion piece over there. It’s more important, and a damn sight better written, than what passes for news on our side of the pond – even if […]