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Things I Hate #3: Units vs. Quantities

Sort of continuing the theme that the Internet is making everyone dumber, here are a couple gems from the Northern Brewer forums:

Fermenting Degrees?

Ok…my keg and CO2 tank have been in the fridge since last night and when I woke up this morning the PSI was around 425 with my fridge around 29 degrees.

Did you spot the common mistake? “Degrees” and “PSI” are units. (And “degree” isn’t even technically a unit – is it degrees Celsius, degrees Brix, degrees of Kevin Bacon? But I know I’ll never win that fight.) What they meant to use were the corresponding quantities of temperature and pressure, respectively. You could argue that this is a relatively minor issue; I ask, relative to what? Especially on the internet, where your prospective audience is global, confusion over units can be devastating. A European scientist under the age of, say, 45 might not even know what a “PSI” is.

Fuck you, people who confuse units with quantities.

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