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The Horror

Somehow, I don’t think they meant “you are right to continue…”

You’re doing it wrong.

Florida Photos

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Regulating Fermentation Temperatures

I’ve had several people ask me recently about keeping fermentation temperatures down during the summer. First it’s probably necessary to detail exactly what “optimal” fermentation temperatures actually are. Every yeast strain out there has a published optimum temperature range; the data are available directly from White Labs and WYeast, as well as at most homebrew […]

Ode to a New Fermenter

Temptation, lo these many months at the homebrew shop. $13.99 – an ale pail with grommeted top. Each time I somehow passed you by on my way to shop. Always knowing I would give in ‘pon some future stop.

Your lid, so tight! Your color, so white! Neither stubborn yellow stain nor spot of mold […]

How Was This Not Already Online?

I’ve started watching Aaron Sorkin’s other show, The West Wing. It’s pretty good. You just don’t get enough typo humor in primetime.

The Perfect Martini

I’ve done a lot of research, with wide-ranging results both sensory and emotional, but I believe that at long last I have truly perfected the (modern, since the original probably used sweet vermouth, bitters, and lemon peel) martini. If you were going to order this in a bar, you would say something like, “Bombay Sapphire […]


I made a Dinosaur Comic! Turns out it isn’t too hard.

I really am making potato salad though.

Spring (Kegerator) Cleaning

The kegerator was finally getting disgusting enough to be distracting (I think I created a new species of mold), plus I finally have all six kegs on tap at the same time. So I cleaned out the kegerator and installed the new four-faucet tower while I was at it. I also bought a splitter and […]

LOL @ Mazur

Ben Mazur although i feel your hero name as the Brown Recluse would be more appropriate if you were indian the Pale Pink Recluse sounds a bit too sexually inappropriate Sean Terrill Like the Purple Puncher? wait, it was the Pink Puncher and the Purple Pimp. seriously, my favorite musical Ben Mazur hmmm, i […]

Things I Hate #2: Kanye West

I watched the Fishsticks episode of South Park today, and felt like maybe I was missing something. Is there some reason Kanye West wouldn’t understand a simple joke? I didn’t actually know anything about him except for the Hurricane Katrina thing. Is he notoriously stupid, notoriously bad with wordplay, or just a notorious douche?

Turns […]