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Beer in a Bag in a Box?

Per MSN’s James Dlugosch:

Despite what the microbrewers will tell you, all beer is pretty much the same. Consumers who pay a premium do so more for the experience than the taste.

But for me, the issue is the bottle. I like drinking my suds from a cold bottle. Period.

Put it in a glass, […]

Who Watches the Watchmen? I did.

Seriously, you guys. Best. Movie. Ever.

Things you never thought you’d hear yourself say: “I was totally aroused during that Leonard Cohen song.”

Oh, and mad props to Netflix for making it so that I’m not too poor to rent movies.

Crabmeat Frittata

…with asparagus and feta.

We had dinner (crab legs plus unlimited sushi for $25!) at Bluefin Bistro Friday night, so I had to do something with the leftover crab.

Yay breakfast!

Fail: Blog

Well, I live with my parents again. Awesome.

Europe Journal and Photos

Well, I finally finished transcribing my journal from Europe, which was nothing compared to culling 700+ photos down to 442, editing, tagging, and captioning them. If you’re primarily interested in the journal part you might want to start at the beginning, but there are tags for individual countries too.

I guess finally getting some closure […]

One Small Step

Forty years ago today, a Purdue alumnus (BTFU!) stepped off a ladder and into history. And yet last week the Obama administration had to hedge its bets regarding whether or not we’re going back – ever.

It’s easy to be pessimistic about designs so grand they almost elude comprehension. In an era of staggering […]

Behold a Pale Ale

Sherwood and I had lunch at LBC yesterday, and we both got their Amarillo APA, which is tasty but like most of their beers seems watery and one-dimensional. Amarillo is a fantastic hop, but in my experience, at least, it needs something else to really shine – just like potatoes don’t taste quite right without […]

How We Lost the “War on Drugs”

There are three aspects to fighting any war: military (the need to punch lots of little holes in people and objects); political (the need to provide resources); and social (the need to convince people that the objectives are justified). The United States treats drug trafficking and consumption as a social problem, albeit with an occasional […]

NYC Photos

Much-belated, some happenings from NY, NY.

Only seven hours late so far…


Hooray beer!


St. Paddy’s parade I


















French flag?




I think these are grapes.


My first NYC hobo experience


Happy Auk Extinction Day!

Yes, it’s hard to believe that just 165 years ago today we (by which I mean the human race; my ancestors were in the Pacific Northwest and have a pretty solid alibi) exterminated a species which had minimal food value and represented no threat. Quoth the wiki: The last population lived on Geirfuglasker (“Great Auk […]