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The Man Burns in 5 Days

1940 miles in two days; not too shabby…

I’ll be on the playa for the week, so no updates for the next little bit.

Waste Not

This is the coffee-making apparatus from the hotel room in St. Louis. Note the waste associated with brewing a single cup of coffee. I can understand the need for ensuring the hotel-room coffee-maker is clean, but I mean, this thing still has a water reservoir, so what’s the point? I guess I just feel like […]

Super Mile Me

So going to crazy lengths to minimize their fuel costs is called “hypermiling”. According to Wikipedia “extreme hypermilers” will do things like coasting with the engine off and running red lights. I’m not suicidal, so to coin a term, I’d rather think of myself as a “supermiler”.

I had one of the best days of […]

Running to Stand Still

I didn’t go up in distance this week, but at least I’m back below a 10:00 pace. Plus I actually looked at a calendar and realized this is week four, so there are still seven long runs to go. Unfortunately, next Sunday, and the 6th, I’ll be at Burning Man, so who knows what I’ll […]

Anyone want an iPod?

I (finally) got an iPhone so I’m selling my old 40 GB. If you’re interested check out the eBay auction.

Off Pace

I moved up another mile for this week’s long run, but dropped below a 10 minute pace again as a result. Not by much though. Still, it’s week four and I’m already a mile behind the training program. Fortunately I’m just looking to finish this thing, not place.

Having an iPhone is definitely awesome for […]

And Sparks Will Fly in the Summer Air

I hold in my hand two tickets to Burning Man. This will either be the best idea I’ve ever had, or the worst. Or both.

3.1 Miles Down, 10 to Go

So I’ve registered to run a mini marathon (~13.1 miles) in mid-October. The problem is that I’m in pretty terrible shape right now. So this is actually a the-Sanskrit-characters-for-problem-and-opportunity-are-the-same situations. I’m more or less following this program, which seems just barely doable for me, with the exception that my short runs so far have […]

Water, Water Everywhere

… but what to do with it?

I spend a fair amount of time trolling the Northern Brewer forums, and one of the more frequent exchanges goes something like:

Q: OK, I have my water report, now what do I do with it?

A: Read chapter 15 of How to Brew and come back if […]

Pulse Width Modulation

Today’s life lesson: do not stare directly at a 3W LED.