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Violence Begets Awesome

Amongst the population of adjectives that could be used to describe this, the only one more apt than “badass” is probably “illegal”, so don’t blame me if when you click on this link it isn’t there anymore. Barring that small problem (and the fact that I died a little inside when I read the phrase “OK Coral”) let nothing distract you from:

Total Recall: RT’s Favorite Gunfights

You can quibble with their choices (Bonnie and Clyde isn’t even a gunfight!), but nonetheless, here for our enjoyment is 95 minutes of some of the best violence ever committed to celluloid. That’s an entire feature film (and a half, for Jerry Bruckheimer) of violence, without all the tedious character development and smooching. Not that there’s anything wrong with smooching, provided it’s especially violent smooching.

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