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Vintage Vertical

For Xmas, my family (well, mostly just I) did a vertical tasting of the ’08, ’09, and ’10 Vintage Ales from Trader Joe’s. If you aren’t familiar with the VA, it’s a BDSA, contract-brewed by Unibroue, that’s only available for a few weeks around the holidays. As with most things at Trader Joe’s, part of […]


I took a while, but I finally had a day off work when it didn’t snow. So I took a hike up to the abandoned (silver?) mine just north of town, and got some pretty great photos.

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Tasting Notes: Westy 12

The glassware seems doubly appropriate.

This beer is an unintentional experiment. With fermentation temperatures peaking at 38°C, I have no doubt that it’s a hangover waiting to happen. Nevertheless, it’s remarkably clean and I can’t help but think that if I had followed my planned fermentation schedule it wouldn’t be as appealing.

Head retention […]

Caramel Chameleon

Ordinarily, I post recipes as soon as they’re brewed, but with there being so many question marks on this one I felt that I needed to wait at least until I pulled the FG sample to weigh in. My first brew session in Colorado was full of other firsts too:

First time using a new […]

…And We’re Back

Hello (again). My apologies to regular readers (Google Analytics assures me there are some) for the long absence, but getting internet access was an unexpected ordeal.

Silverton is interesting, and brewing is interesting, and I’m sure I’ll be writing plenty about both in the long, cold months to come. For now, though, shiny things!

#gallery-2 […]


So I ran the Indianapolis Marathon‘s half again. It started out well enough: dry roads, reasonable temperatures, no hangover… At about four miles, I was on pace and through the only real hills on the course. There was something in my right shoe, or so I thought, so I stopped for a second, shook it […]

It’s the Little Fittings Too

In preparation for my move to the Great White, um, West, I’m brewing two batches this week. First up: a Westvleteren 12 clone. (Rant: In “Belgian degrees”, wouldn’t 12° correspond to about 28°P? It should be called Westvleteren 9°! But I digress.) Stay tuned for an updated porter recipe on Friday.

Good news! It gave […]

Ad Nauseam?

Well, I just re-upped for two more years of hosting. It isn’t like the bill is large by any conventional definition, but bandwidth has been steadily increasing (which is a good thing!) to the point that it’s on my radar. Which is a roundabout way of justifying the fact that I finally signed up for […]

Krasny Oktyabr Tasting Notes

You might recall I brewed this one back in May, and on September 18, at precisely the same moment (give or take a couple minutes) that Christian Ude tapped the first keg with his ceremonial wooden mallet, I slipped a plastic coupler onto a stainless steel post. O’zapft is!

I’m really proud of the appearance […]

When the Going Gets Weird…

…the weird turn pro. Say hello to Silverton, CO. Population 531, elevation 9318 ft, and soon-to-be home of Assistant Brewer Sean Terrill.

Now imagine it with eight feet of snow.