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Andrea Doria Porter

Monday was a pretty great brew day. I worked the kinks out of the pump setup and ended up with a 4 hour 40 minute process, from lighting the burner to putting away the equipment. Having an assistant brewer for the first time in months probably didn’t hurt either. I’m also still playing with malt […]

7 C and I Feel Fine

First outdoor run of the year. Treadmills can eat my poo.

Name: 6 Mile Date: Jan 23, 2010 3:05 pm Distance: 6.15 miles Elapsed Time: 1:01:57 Avg Speed: 6.0 mph Max Speed: 8.4 mph Avg Pace: 10′ 04″ per mile Min Altitude: 696 ft Max Altitude: 919 ft

Click on this link to display the […]

Napoleon, Health Care Reform, and the Gentleman from Massachusetts

(Or: How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Filibuster)

Apparently Republicans are sore losers.

First of all, it irks me a little every time a talking head uses the phrase “health care reform”. As Americans, we have the best health care in human history, and almost all of it at even the […]

I Have Made Bread

This is the third time I’ve made spent grain bread using this recipe, which is loosely based on Alewife’s. I used the Unholy Trinity grist for the spent grains, as well as the beer itself. It’s definitely a better fit for a bread recipe than the others. There’s something really satisfying and elemental about making […]


Sean Terrill You know what never gets old? Making fun of people on the internet. Ben Mazur ha Sean Terrill water Ben Mazur what a fag Sean Terrill I know, like, where to start? Ben Mazur F key? Sean Terrill F is for FACEPALM


Aeration and Yeast Starters


The pitching rate of yeast is generally accepted to be one of the most important factors in fermentation performance and the resultant beer character. The often quoted “optimal” pitching rate is 0.75 billion cells per liter of wort, per degree Plato for ale, and 1.5 billion/L-°P for lager. However, at the homebrew level, commercial […]

Brews in Toyland

Yes, my garage is a mess.

You guys, I’m seriously. Best Xmas ever. I brewed a batch of APA yesterday and got to try out my new Barley Crusher and March pump for the first time. So not only do I not have to lift 6 gallons of boiling wort to chest height […]

We Need New Units

Don’t get me wrong, I love SI, but those tend to lack the punch of, say, a Smoot.

So, I had to wait 1.8 Freebirds for a treadmill today. I should know better than to go to the gym on a Saturday in January.

Put me down at 1:24