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Yeast Ranching and You

With all the writing I’ve been doing about yeast lately, I thought it would probably be a good idea to outline my general yeast propagation and storage procedures. There’s an enormous variation, both philosophically and technically, among homebrewers – from directly pitching a smack pack to acid washing and storage in -80°C freezers. My own […]

West County, Vol I & II

I realized these weren’t readily accessible in the new site layout, so now there’s at least a post for anyone who wants to reminisce.

Links, to spare some bandwidth:

West County (MP4, 35.4 MB) | West County 2 (MP4, 73.0 MB)

Eireann go Brew

This is truly essential reading for anyone who’s Irish, anyone who wishes they were Irish, anyone who enjoys etymology, and everyone else:

Faith & Begorrah, Sodom & Gomorrah

History records the day as one of extreme feasting and stuffing oneself to the gills, getting full and fat to last the remaining days of Lent. And, […]

BBR Interview

I was interviewed on last week’s episode of Basic Brewing Radio, discussing yeast starters and some recent experiments. Greetings to anyone visiting as a result. Feel free to poke around a bit.

I’ve been… Brewdotted? Slashbrewed?


Two-Stage Starter Calculations

There are many situations in which a homebrewer might need to propagate yeast using more than one step-up – for example, building up from a bottle of commercial beer, or reviving a smack pack that’s several months old. And while I love Mr. Malty’s Pitching Rate Calculator™, doing two-stage starters with it can be frustrating.


Yeast Starters Three-dux

I’ve finished the last starter needed to round out my aeration experiments. Once again, the main post has been updated with the full data set and some additional thoughts.

Things I Hate #56: Valet Carry-On Baggage

Three of the four words on this tag are lies.

On my recent trip to New Orleans, given that I was only traveling for four days, and not a women, I only needed to pack one bag. I elected to take only a carry-on – an easy decision given that checking luggage costs […]

Yeast Experiment Update

I was able to brew the test beers for the Yeast Pitching Rate Experiment today. Some notes on the brew session can be found on the main experimental page.

85% efficiency on a 1.059 beer, though… I do love my Barley Crusher.

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good Movies?

Dear Hollywood,

We have a lot of history together – not all of it good, but we’ve had some laughs over the years. Lately, though, it’s become apparent to me that we’re moving in different directions. I think it would be best if we parted ways now, rather than try to carry on in this […]