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Eireann go Brew

This is truly essential reading for anyone who’s Irish, anyone who wishes they were Irish, anyone who enjoys etymology, and everyone else:

Faith & Begorrah, Sodom & Gomorrah

History records the day as one of extreme feasting and stuffing oneself to the gills, getting full and fat to last the remaining days of Lent. And, of course, the means of washing all that food down was…now don’t jump ahead here…beer. A lot of beer. Lots and lots of beer. A full day of food and beer, and more food and beer, and more beer, and more beer. Did I say more beer? And all that drinking led to a lot of sex–wanted, forced and indifferent–between a lot of unmarrieds, various swinging parties, and more than a few adulterous hook-ups. Orgy, anyone?

I, however, celebrated by bottling both batches of the Caramel Camel Amber Ale. Have I mentioned how much I hate bottling?

Its good to know that todays youth arent totally ignorant of tradition.

It's good to know that today's youth aren't totally ignorant of tradition.

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