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THA Cloning

The penultimate attempt, IPA #17, at right.

I love Bell’s Two Hearted Ale. So much so that I’d drink it on a regular basis, if I could afford it ($10.49 a six pack currently). Hence my long flirtation with clone recipes. There are quite a few out there, none of which quite sparges my […]


You guys! I made an AverageCat! You should go vote for it so they’ll put it on the site.

Mazur maintains that rodents spread toxoplasmosis, not Toxoplasma.


That’s how many batches I’ve brewed (since I started keeping notes). A question about preferred OG ranges came up in an NB forum topic, and I couldn’t decide if I liked 1.050-1.059, or 1.060-1.069. Turns out the answer is a little of both: the mean is 1.065 (with a standard deviation of 0.029 – outliers […]

Ten Deliveries

What’s the point of having GPS on your iPhone if you aren’t going to geek out about stuff?

Name:    13 June 2010 Date:    Jun 13, 2010 6:17 pm Map:    Google Maps Distance:    48.3 miles Elapsed Time:    1:50:30 Avg Speed:    26.2 mph Max Speed:    55.1 mph Avg Pace:    02′ 17″ per mile Min Altitude:    656 ft Max Altitude:    819 ft Start Time:    2010-06-13T22:17:01Z

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Refractometer Estimates of Final Gravity

A refractometer is one of the most useful tools a brewer can have. It allows for near-instantaneous measurements of specific gravity, without having to compensate for or adjust sample temperature or withdraw a large volume of wort/beer (a significant concern at homebrew scales). There are a few issues associated with accurately using a refractometer for […]