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Ad Nauseam?

Well, I just re-upped for two more years of hosting. It isn’t like the bill is large by any conventional definition, but bandwidth has been steadily increasing (which is a good thing!) to the point that it’s on my radar. Which is a roundabout way of justifying the fact that I finally signed up for Google AdSense. I know it’s tacky, but I’ve done what I can make the ads unobtrusive while still keeping them “above the fold”. They also won’t display on the front page, so daily visitors (Analytics assures me there are a few) won’t see any ads at all. And I hope it goes without saying that if the ads turn out to be largely irrelevant and/or the revenues aren’t significant, they’ll disappear entirely.

If you have any suggestions on a better way to implement the ads, or just thoughts on their existence in general, please comment or Contact Me.

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