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Batch 100 (and 101)

Last week, without any real pomp, I brewed a couple beers for that thing in the desert. Turns out they were my 100th and 101st batches of homebrew. Yay! They’re both finished – or at least they’d better be, since I’m kegging them today. I had to use Wyeast 1056 (courtesy of DBC) for the American Brown Ale; it almost certainly won’t be clear yet, but I’m not too worried since a) it’s a brown ale and b) everyone drinks out of opaque cups on the playa. The other featured selection this year is what I sincerely hope is the penultimate take on the Backside Blonde recipe for 2MBC. I fat-fingered the OG, but otherwise I think it’s a winner.

Safety third, ya’ll!

MOOP Brown Ale Mk3 recipe (PDF)
10.2 Mk6 recipe (PDF)

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