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Something I noticed in Salzburg seems to be true here as well: Austrians take their weekends very seriously. When I got into town last night, at 5:30 on a Saturday, the grocery stores were all closed. Today (Sunday) the hot dog stands are shuttered up.

Vienna is huge. Just the downtown area has a radius [...]


It seems I have heretofore unexplored abilities to lose things. I left my camera case, memory card, and spare battery at the hostel in Dublin, nearly lost my sunglasses on the flight to Germany, had to go back to a train station in Amsterdam for my contacts, and now I’ve left my remaining battery at [...]


I’m alone, in a biergarten, and bored. bad combination, but something about Salzburg makes it hard to be too upset. Maybe it’s the postcard-perfect skyline (seen in all its glory courtesy of the 550 m climb up to the castle overlooking the city). Or maybe it’s just that there’s something great about a country – [...]