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Black Rock Bitter

This is actually my first bitter and was kind of a lark; I had no idea so many people would be bringing kegs to Burning Man. At any rate, it seems to have been a hit. It’s pretty great how the simplest recipes generally turn out the best.

Black Rock Bitter recipe

I <3 Mashups

You guys! This mashup CD I got at Burning Man is most triumphant!

(I assume since they were being handed out it’s OK to post it here. If not, someone please let me know nicely.)

Bootie BRC 2009

The Man Burns in 5 Days

1940 miles in two days; not too shabby…

I’ll be on the playa for the week, so no updates for the next little bit.

And Sparks Will Fly in the Summer Air

I hold in my hand two tickets to Burning Man. This will either be the best idea I’ve ever had, or the worst. Or both.

Pulse Width Modulation

Today’s life lesson: do not stare directly at a 3W LED.