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Freaky French Fry-Day

Instead of the customary excuse for not posting for a long time, I give you a pun that would have worked out better had I gotten this up yesterday.

Just editing this image made my mouth water.

As co-owner of Two Mile Brewing, one of my sacred duties is to personally taste-test everything […]

Stuffed Shrooms

Shaved Parmesan doesn’t work quite as well as shredded.

A recipe that doesn’t involve beer?! I know, I’m in danger of becoming a well-rounded person. These are delicious, though, and very easy to make, and quickly becoming my go-to appetizer for guests. If you have access to Trader Joe’s, they sell a can of […]

Ovens and Spices and Squash, Oh My!

Frequent visitors will probably have noticed that I tend to be a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to beer recipes. After all, brewers are discovering new things to do with malts, hops, water, and yeast all the time. That approach does get a bit dull after a while though – especially when one […]

Life is Worth Living Again

It isn’t every day that a news story causes me to weep openly.

Fried Beer Comes to the Texas State Fair

I Have Made Bread

This is the third time I’ve made spent grain bread using this recipe, which is loosely based on Alewife’s. I used the Unholy Trinity grist for the spent grains, as well as the beer itself. It’s definitely a better fit for a bread recipe than the others. There’s something really satisfying and elemental about making […]

Crabmeat Frittata

…with asparagus and feta.

We had dinner (crab legs plus unlimited sushi for $25!) at Bluefin Bistro Friday night, so I had to do something with the leftover crab.

Yay breakfast!

The Perfect Martini

I’ve done a lot of research, with wide-ranging results both sensory and emotional, but I believe that at long last I have truly perfected the (modern, since the original probably used sweet vermouth, bitters, and lemon peel) martini. If you were going to order this in a bar, you would say something like, “Bombay Sapphire […]


I made a Dinosaur Comic! Turns out it isn’t too hard.

I really am making potato salad though.

Dry-Hopping down the Bunny Trail

Powerthirst Mk2

If it’s Easter, I must be eating a couple hard-boiled eggs and drinking a beer. By family tradition, this should be a Busch Light, or at least a Budweiser, but in honor of brewing a small batch of Imperial IPA today, I’m drinking the last bottle of the first batch, from […]

Cooking is Fun

Dinner tonight was a baked salmon fillet and a quinoa salad with olive oil, asparagus, and Roma tomatoes. It looks and sounds impressive but was stupid easy to make.