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Stickin’ It to the (Bank) Man

I just discovered what is going to be one of the biggest money-savers in my life. If you pay for your groceries with a credit card at Pay-Less (and therefore, I assume, any Kroger) and “forget” to use your shopper’s card or coupons, the Customer Service desk will give you the difference in cash.

I […]


Yuri and I are sitting in a restaurant in Galway, having gotten my fish and chips craving under control. Yesterday we hit up the Jameson distillery in Dublin, which sounded like a bust at €8, until we got selected as whiskey tasters. The Germans who were with us pretty much became physically ill at the […]

The Sean Terrill Health Plan

My dinner consisted of five beers, chips with guacamole, and buffalo wings.

This, incidentally, was my reward for losing 10 pounds in six weeks.

Things that make you go “yum”

I was just struck by the fact that although I have all the ingredients to make French toast (I’m pretty sure it’s just eggs and bread), and I like French toast, I’ve never actually made French toast.

Then I thought that there might be other ingredients and I wasn’t really sure if you were supposed […]