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Rock Us, Bacchus

Je vais voyager en Nouvelle-Orléans de ce soir à mercredi. Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Is the Internet Killing the Written Word?

Yuri turned me on to this band Emanuel and The Fear. (Caution – MySpace link) Apparently his roommate Jeff plays with them, and I have to say they are unabashedly kick-ass. Sort of a Polyphonic Spree meets John Mayer thing, but then again what do I know about music?

Anyway, they have a track called [...]


I feel like I need to catch up on things, which sort of ruins the whole point/fun of keeping a journal, but then again, I should try to write these things down while they’re fresh in my mind.

Yuri is starting to get on my nerves. It is, in turns, like traveling with a teenager, [...]


We’re in a hostel in Interlaken called Balmer’s – some ridiculous 170-bed hangout where the girl at the front desk doesn’t speak German and the shuttle you from one of their three bars to the next at precise times with the promise of 2-for-1 drinks. Not my kind of place, but it’s about the best [...]