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Man nor Beast

It turns out that even if you leave the faucet running, this weather will get you. The overnight low was -14°F -26°F. I have been corrected by someone who actually had a thermometer outside.


You guys! I made an AverageCat! You should go vote for it so they’ll put it on the site.

Mazur maintains that rodents spread toxoplasmosis, not Toxoplasma.



Just for future reference, Cisco, you probably shouldn’t air a series of ads on national TV in which the word “live” dissolves into “share”. You probably shouldn’t be setting up narratives without exposition either, but whatevs.

In all seriousness, how can a company of this size put anything together without running it by someone with [...]



The truly sad part is, I think I would buy this.

Unless They’ve Figured Out How to Open Doors

Thai Away Teams

I know it’s wrong and I shouldn’t find this funny, but I can’t help myself. People need to be aware of pop culture when naming themselves.

Thai “red shirts” defiant after 21 die in clashes


I’m going to hell.


How I Spend My Time at Work

I really don’t know what all the fuss is about graphic design. This was super easy and hardly looks like crap at all. (It’s also an awesome example of your tax dollars at work.)

This gag would work a lot better if it was an actual pizza.



Charles Fleischer is Crazy

This is either insightful or dumb, depending on your state of mind. Either way, it’s hilarious, and the kind of thing Dan Brown would write if he had a working adult vocabulary.



Sean Terrill You know what never gets old? Making fun of people on the internet. Ben Mazur ha Sean Terrill water Ben Mazur what a fag Sean Terrill I know, like, where to start? Ben Mazur F key? Sean Terrill F is for FACEPALM


The Last Eulogy I Hope I Ever Write

Friends, it saddens me to have to put something like this in words, but I want everyone to know that if I seem distant or sad or even angry in the coming days and weeks, it’s because I lost a good friend tonight.

At about four in the afternoon, while editing a spreadsheet, the right [...]