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I’m bringin’ sexy back.


Augmentin 875

The new iPhoto face-tagging feature works perfectly…

Thank you, PETA.

Thank you for providing a forum in which I can read things like:

Please honor all living creatures because all life is sacred and we’re all connected to the to one life force which is conscious spiritual energy. Love is the way, kindness, respect, and always, zero cruelty.

And thank you for providing so much [...]

And Sparks Will Fly in the Summer Air

I hold in my hand two tickets to Burning Man. This will either be the best idea I’ve ever had, or the worst. Or both.

Party On

I’m in New Mexico through next week. Be truly excellent to one another while I’m gone.

Ode to a New Fermenter

Temptation, lo these many months at the homebrew shop. $13.99 – an ale pail with grommeted top. Each time I somehow passed you by on my way to shop. Always knowing I would give in ‘pon some future stop.

Your lid, so tight! Your color, so white! Neither stubborn yellow stain nor spot of mold [...]

How Was This Not Already Online?

I’ve started watching Aaron Sorkin’s other show, The West Wing. It’s pretty good. You just don’t get enough typo humor in primetime.

How to get lasix no prescription

I made a Dinosaur Comic! Turns out it isn’t too hard.

I really am making potato salad though.

LOL @ Mazur

Ben Mazur although i feel your hero name as the Brown Recluse would be more appropriate if you were indian the Pale Pink Recluse sounds a bit too sexually inappropriate Sean Terrill Like the Purple Puncher? wait, it was the Pink Puncher and the Purple Pimp. seriously, my favorite musical Ben Mazur hmmm, i [...]

I Have the Flu