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Wow. Just… wow.

I don’t know why people keep laughing when I say I expect to live forever. This is happening, folks. Start planning accordingly.

Obviously I haven’t posted in a good while. Big things are in process. Stay tuned.

The Future Is Gonna Be Incredible

Or more sinisterly, who is safe from the man who controls a swarm of nanites with his thoughts? Snow Crash meets The Diamond Age.

Science: It Works, Bitches

Suffice it to say that I’m not so wild about religion. I have nothing against funny hats, and some of the music is very nice; it’s just that blind adherence gives me the willies. I fully acknowledge a continuum of harm, but psychologically, chemically speaking, there’s no difference between getting up earlier than you want [...]

Napoleon, Health Care Reform, and the Gentleman from Massachusetts

(Or: How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Filibuster)

Apparently Republicans are sore losers.

First of all, it irks me a little every time a talking head uses the phrase “health care reform”. As Americans, we have the best health care in human history, and almost all of it at even the smallest [...]

Put me down at 1:24

Happy Brew Year!

I have it on good authority that Santa will be bringing me a pump and/or grain mill this Christmas, so the odds are good I’ll be brewing my first self-sufficient batch by the New Year. My only dilemma is, what should it be?

My go-to “house” recipe, Behold a Pale Ale. My other house recipe, [...]

God Doesn’t Care About Your Penis

Lesbian and gay students kissing in front of protesters from Westboro Baptist Church at Oberlin College

Today I went out in the rain, carrying a sign that read “YOUR GOD IS A LITTLE GOD”, to counter-protest the Westboro “Baptist” Church, who apparently drove here from Kansas because a local high school is doing a play [...]

Waste Not

This is the coffee-making apparatus from the hotel room in St. Louis. Note the waste associated with brewing a single cup of coffee. I can understand the need for ensuring the hotel-room coffee-maker is clean, but I mean, this thing still has a water reservoir, so what’s the point? I guess I just feel like [...]

Beer in a Bag in a Box?

Per MSN’s James Dlugosch:

Despite what the microbrewers will tell you, all beer is pretty much the same. Consumers who pay a premium do so more for the experience than the taste.

But for me, the issue is the bottle. I like drinking my suds from a cold bottle. Period.

Put it in a glass, [...]

One Small Step

Forty years ago today, a Purdue alumnus (BTFU!) stepped off a ladder and into history. And yet last week the Obama administration had to hedge its bets regarding whether or not we’re going back – ever.

It’s easy to be pessimistic about designs so grand they almost elude comprehension. In an era of staggering [...]