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How We Lost the “War on Drugs”

There are three aspects to fighting any war: military (the need to punch lots of little holes in people and objects); political (the need to provide resources); and social (the need to convince people that the objectives are justified). The United States treats drug trafficking and consumption as a social problem, albeit with an occasional [...]

Happy Auk Extinction Day!

Yes, it’s hard to believe that just 165 years ago today we (by which I mean the human race; my ancestors were in the Pacific Northwest and have a pretty solid alibi) exterminated a species which had minimal food value and represented no threat. Quoth the wiki:

The last population lived on Geirfuglasker (“Great Auk [...]

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So I’m on a months-long waiting list for my evil black rifle. Apparently since November supplies of weapons and ammunition have been severely outpaced by demand. There are myriad factors at play, of course: global metal prices; military demand; corporate greed. But most of it is good old-fashioned suburban white fear. Once the scary black [...]


This morning, Kirk and Lynne officially became my first friends to (voluntarily) reproduce. In my “congratulations, don’t drop her” email I almost said something about them having 16 years before they had to worry about me hitting on their daughter, but in a rare fit of common sense I didn’t.

Mazur brought up the fact [...]

Stochastic Modeling

Today’s forecast high for Lafayette was 12°C. The actual high was 17°C. I actually know a thing or two about the difficulties inherent in modeling complex non-linear systems, but given the amount of resources we’ve invested in this particular problem over the past half-century or so, we should be able to do a lot better. [...]

A Modest Proposal

It is now readily apparent to me that I leave Purdue with no skills I did not possess upon arrival. There are some specific pieces of information I have memorized, to be sure, but most of those came from Wikipedia and Google searches. Fault does not really even lie with Purdue. It is, as [...]

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Only two in a row, I promise. This has got to be one of the most interesting, most accurate, funniest videos I have ever seen. Required viewing for anyone who plans to be alive for the next few years – or the next few hundred.


The Future of Wearables

I was lying in bed last night, too jacked up from a day of coding (OK, and a Tom Clancy novel) to get to sleep right away, and my half-zombified brain was thinking about this TEDTalk:

It really got me thinking about wearables. I remember the IBM commercial from probably a decade ago in [...]

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I’m sitting in a camping-platz outside M√ľnchen, and I realized that this is the only place in Germany I’ve seen with no recycling bins – only trash cans. Instead of throw bottle into the trash like Americans would, though, people have lined them up neatly next to it. And that has me worried; even if [...]

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I’ve been working on this rolling existential funk since, well, since school started, I guess. It’s really starting to get annoying. There are places I want to go, things I want to do, but here I sit, waiting for my life to start. Of course, I’ll graduate in debt, so there will immediately be a [...]