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Having been in Eastern Europe, it’s hard even to express just how comforting the rail system is within the Deutsche Bahn’s sphere of influence. I was planning on taking the night train from Munich to Paris, but it was fully booked, so I’m going to spend a few hours in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg [...]


I spent an unplanned fourth night in Krakow last night, partly because I needed to use up my remaining zloty, but mostly just because the hostel here is so amazingly nice. It’s definitely way better than my apartment, and costs less to boot (something like $550 a month, including breakfast and dinner). Actually, it’s most [...]


I’m sitting in a camping-platz outside M√ľnchen, and I realized that this is the only place in Germany I’ve seen with no recycling bins – only trash cans. Instead of throw bottle into the trash like Americans would, though, people have lined them up neatly next to it. And that has me worried; even if [...]


Berlin is a fantastically cool city. It’s the first place we’ve been so far where I could really see myself living. You have basically all of the last century of world histary within walking distance, plus a rocking night life every day of the week and a large immigrant population giving you good, affordable food [...]


German hostels, it turns out, are basically summer camps. The past two nights we’ve been surrounded by soccer teams and families on vacation, first in Mainz and then in Loreley. On the one hand, these places are basically hotels: clean linens, private bathrooms, furniture – reading lights on the beds, for gods’ sakes. On the [...]