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Draft System Balancing, Revisited

Just a quick note. While I was doing some calculations for Two Mile, I decided to expand on a year-old post on draft system balancing, primarily just to include the relevant results for longer draft systems. Enjoy.

Or not. It doesn’t really affect me either way.


WTF Is Going On?

So, yeah, it’s been a while. Long story short, I am now the Head Brewer at Silverton Brewing Co. Long story slightly less short, I’m also the only brewhouse employee for the time being. A 70-hour week means I managed a day off. I’m planning a minor shift in focus in that direction, blog-wise. There […]


In case anyone was wondering what I’ve been doing in stead of blogging, here’s (part of) the answer. I finally got around to revamping the Silverton Brewing Co. website. It’s now 100% Flash-free, and 100% grammatically correct (probably). Also, I don’t know if you’ve ever poked around in some HTML source that was generated by […]

…And We’re Back

Hello (again). My apologies to regular readers (Google Analytics assures me there are some) for the long absence, but getting internet access was an unexpected ordeal.

Silverton is interesting, and brewing is interesting, and I’m sure I’ll be writing plenty about both in the long, cold months to come. For now, though, shiny things!

#gallery-1 […]

Ad Nauseam?

Well, I just re-upped for two more years of hosting. It isn’t like the bill is large by any conventional definition, but bandwidth has been steadily increasing (which is a good thing!) to the point that it’s on my radar. Which is a roundabout way of justifying the fact that I finally signed up for […]

BBR Interview 3

James Spencer and I did another interview for Basic Brewing Radio, and this time it was even in person, which was a lot of fun. It deals with gravity measurements and some of the intricacies of using refractometers, and concludes with a call for additional data that will hopefully corroborate my final gravity correlation.


BBR Interview 2

I was on Basic Brewing Radio again this past week, talking about the Yeast Pitching Rate Experiment. If you’re reading this you’ve probably already seen the results, but now you can have them read to you in a dulcet baritone.

One Year Later

One year ago today, I decided I didn’t really want to be fat anymore, and was going to lose 35 pounds in the next year. I didn’t quite make it, but I can say that I’m probably in better shape now than at any time since that last high school water polo game. I seriously […]

West County, Vol I & II

I realized these weren’t readily accessible in the new site layout, so now there’s at least a post for anyone who wants to reminisce.

Links, to spare some bandwidth:

West County (MP4, 35.4 MB) | West County 2 (MP4, 73.0 MB)

BBR Interview

I was interviewed on last week’s episode of Basic Brewing Radio, discussing yeast starters and some recent experiments. Greetings to anyone visiting as a result. Feel free to poke around a bit.

I’ve been… Brewdotted? Slashbrewed?