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Eireann go Brew

This is truly essential reading for anyone who’s Irish, anyone who wishes they were Irish, anyone who enjoys etymology, and everyone else:

Faith & Begorrah, Sodom & Gomorrah

History records the day as one of extreme feasting and stuffing oneself to the gills, getting full and fat to last the remaining days of Lent. And, [...]


After three days of nearly non-stop traveling, I’m beat. (Side note: the trains in Switzerland are so good that you can write while riding one.) Which brings me to my rant about public transportation in Ireland, whereby your average speed on a straight line across the country is not much better than you could do [...]


Ireland is ancient and beautiful and immense and the light switches go the other way. Galway turned out to be something of a college town, and Saturday night we tripped the light fantastic, Irish style. The interesting part is that the pubs closed early (at least by our standards) and we kept having to move [...]


Yuri and I are sitting in a restaurant in Galway, having gotten my fish and chips craving under control. Yesterday we hit up the Jameson distillery in Dublin, which sounded like a bust at €8, until we got selected as whiskey tasters. The Germans who were with us pretty much became physically ill at the [...]


Some thoughts on Dublin:

They drive on the left – no, really. This is easy to think about in the abstract, then you get here and keep stepping off curbs, or “kerbs”, looking left.

There are no street signs. This is not literally true, but most corners don’t have them and when they do they’re [...]