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It’s probably fair to state that a majority of breweries operating today are employing single-infusion mashes – that is, they target a single temperature and try to maintain it throughout the entire mash. Broadly speaking, that temperature would almost always be in the range 63-72°C (145-162°F). When a highly fermentable wort is desired, it [...]

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Keep any Leonardo DiCaprio jokes to yourself.

Winters in Colorado are rough. Aside from the minor annoyances, like not being able to feel my toes for hours at a time, there are major obstacles to be overcome. Where can I brew when my deck has five feet of snow covering it?

So after six [...]

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Yeah, well, let’s see how you do at 6800 ft.

Name: Steamboat Date: Aug 17, 2010 9:08 am Map: View on Map Distance: 2.05 miles Elapsed Time: 19:24.8 Avg Speed: 6.3 mph Max Speed: 7.4 mph Avg Pace: 09′ 28″ per mile Min Altitude: 6,698 ft Max Altitude: 6,798 ft


Same Shift, Different Day

Well, I’m unemployed again. Today’s tips, in order, were:

$1.11 $0.09 $0.11 $0.21 $0.00 $2.10 $0.01 $0.00 $0.00 $2.32 $3.21

Not only did I not make minimum wage, I had a flat – technically, I lost money by going to work today.

The moral of the story is: tip your driver well. You never know [...]

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Last month I posted a brief summary of the troubles I was having with the de facto standard refractometer correlation for final gravity. Specifically, I found that it under-estimates FGs by, on average, about five “points”. More interesting, or at least more useful, I also found that the degree of the discrepancy is fairly well [...]


That’s how many batches I’ve brewed (since I started keeping notes). A question about preferred OG ranges came up in an NB forum topic, and I couldn’t decide if I liked 1.050-1.059, or 1.060-1.069. Turns out the answer is a little of both: the mean is 1.065 (with a standard deviation of 0.029 – outliers [...]

Ten Deliveries

What’s the point of having GPS on your iPhone if you aren’t going to geek out about stuff?

Name:    13 June 2010 Date:    Jun 13, 2010 6:17 pm Map:    Google Maps Distance:    48.3 miles Elapsed Time:    1:50:30 Avg Speed:    26.2 mph Max Speed:    55.1 mph Avg Pace:    02′ 17″ per mile Min Altitude:    656 ft Max Altitude:    819 ft Start Time:    2010-06-13T22:17:01Z

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A refractometer is one of the most useful tools a brewer can have. It allows for near-instantaneous measurements of specific gravity, without having to compensate for or adjust sample temperature or withdraw a large volume of wort/beer (a significant concern at homebrew scales). There are a few issues associated with accurately using a refractometer for [...]

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It’s spring cleaning time in the brewery. I’ve given the kegerator a good once-over, scrubbed the kettles shiny, replaced all the vinyl tubing, and so now it must be time for instrument calibrations. I check the hydrometer and refractometer every few batches because it’s so easy (use water and a 10% sucrose solution), but it [...]

One Year Later

One year ago today, I decided I didn’t really want to be fat anymore, and was going to lose 35 pounds in the next year. I didn’t quite make it, but I can say that I’m probably in better shape now than at any time since that last high school water polo game. I seriously [...]