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Happy Belated Birthday, QT

I was driving around the other day, trying to find a use for all the cranial capacity that goes un-utilized in my day to day life, and I started to wonder if there was some way to quantify some of my wholly unscientific views about Hollywood. Specifically, why some directors it seems can do no [...]

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good Movies?

Dear Hollywood,

We have a lot of history together – not all of it good, but we’ve had some laughs over the years. Lately, though, it’s become apparent to me that we’re moving in different directions. I think it would be best if we parted ways now, rather than try to carry on in this [...]

Violence Begets Awesome

Amongst the population of adjectives that could be used to describe this, the only one more apt than “badass” is probably “illegal”, so don’t blame me if when you click on this link it isn’t there anymore. Barring that small problem (and the fact that I died a little inside when I read the phrase [...]

Who Watches the Watchmen? I did.

Seriously, you guys. Best. Movie. Ever.

Things you never thought you’d hear yourself say: “I was totally aroused during that Leonard Cohen song.”

Oh, and mad props to Netflix for making it so that I’m not too poor to rent movies.

Things I Hate #87: Mamma Mia!

I just saw Mamma Mia!.

Maybe if you punch me in the balls I'll wake up and still be James Bond.

Wow. First of all, Pierce Brosnan should not sing. Ever. None of the main characters, with the exception of Meryl Streep, is even mediocre (they average about three lines per song before background singers [...]

Linky Linky

So I don’t have to thinky thinky.

I want to move to the UK, just so I can read their editorials. Seriously, this is what passes for an opinion piece over there. It’s more important, and a damn sight better written, than what passes for news on our side of the pond – even if [...]


Berlin is a fantastically cool city. It’s the first place we’ve been so far where I could really see myself living. You have basically all of the last century of world histary within walking distance, plus a rocking night life every day of the week and a large immigrant population giving you good, affordable food [...]

Revenge of the Sith: A Plot Summary

I saw Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith yesterday, and figured I’d share my pain.

ANAKIN: Hello, I am Hayden… I mean, Anakin Skywalker. I’m sorry that your boyfriend dragged you to this movie, but look how pretty my hair is. In about an hour there will be some awkward romantic dialogue, so [...]

Scotty Doesn’t Know


Best. Matt Damon. Movie. Ever.

I’ve watched Eurotrip three times in the past week, and I can not get this song out of my head.




I found this on Beth’s blog and felt obligated to perpetuate it. There was a study that concluded that all blog trends are derivative of other blogs.

Ok…you know the drill…copy and paste, bold the ones you’ve seen and add one to the list.

1. X-Men                                      

2. The Craft

3. X2

4. Swimfan

5. Fellowship [...]