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The truly sad part is, I think I would buy this.

I <3 Mashups

You guys! This mashup CD I got at Burning Man is most triumphant!

(I assume since they were being handed out it’s OK to post it here. If not, someone please let me know nicely.)

Bootie BRC 2009

Things I Hate #2: Kanye West

I watched the Fishsticks episode of South Park today, and felt like maybe I was missing something. Is there some reason Kanye West wouldn’t understand a simple joke? I didn’t actually know anything about him except for the Hurricane Katrina thing. Is he notoriously stupid, notoriously bad with wordplay, or just a notorious douche?

Turns [...]

Linky Linky

So I don’t have to thinky thinky.

I want to move to the UK, just so I can read their editorials. Seriously, this is what passes for an opinion piece over there. It’s more important, and a damn sight better written, than what passes for news on our side of the pond – even if [...]

Is the Internet Killing the Written Word?

Yuri turned me on to this band Emanuel and The Fear. (Caution – MySpace link) Apparently his roommate Jeff plays with them, and I have to say they are unabashedly kick-ass. Sort of a Polyphonic Spree meets John Mayer thing, but then again what do I know about music?

Anyway, they have a track called [...]

Things I Hate #131: Kid Rock

As if being a pizza delivery driver wasn’t a shitty enough job, now every couple hours I have to get excited by the opening bars of “Sweet Home Alabama”, only to have to listen to Kid Rock’s pretentious ass. (That’s right: giving yourself a stage name makes you pretentious by definition. Deal with it.) It’s [...]

Free Song

If you have iTunes, click this link:

If you don’t have iTunes, download it and then click the link.

Scotty Doesn’t Know


Best. Matt Damon. Movie. Ever.

I’ve watched Eurotrip three times in the past week, and I can not get this song out of my head.




So Joey Ramone died yesterday. Cancer. We better cure that shit before people I know start dropping. You hear me, medical community?

I woke up this morning and it was fall. w00t.

Rock and Roll

I’m typing this at work because I don’t really have much else to do. Coming into the building this morning I was greeted by the discovery that my badge no longer works to open doors. Wal-Mart pulled the same trick on my last day.

It’s a beautiful Friday – in fact most of the past [...]