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Back to Back

As I was leaving work today I saw a car with a bumper sticker that said “Virginia is for Lovers”. But I misread it and, well, you get the idea.

Speaking of bumper stickers, I think I’ve found the one to christen my car:

And the perfect music to which to listen while I’m [...]

4 Down, 1 to Go

Finals suck.

I’m done with all but the one I dread most – Linear Algebra at 1:00 Friday. After that, though, blissful freedom. Between the stress and the stress-induced sleep deprivation and the stress-induced headaches (those just started today), this has been about the least fun week ever.

At my Nuclear Engineering final today I [...]


I guess the majority of you have spring break this week. You’re all lucky bastards. After raining all day yesterday, it abruptly got beautiful this morning. The sun is shining and if the birds would be singing if they weren’t getting blown away by the 45+ knot gusts. So, between the weather and the weekend [...]

Hey Ya

It’s been too long, partly because I’ve been sick and partly because I’ve been in kind of a funk. Maybe that’s the same reason; I don’t know. I finished up with this first round of midterms on Thursday and overall I doubt it went very well. I did get back the Statics test today and [...]


My Lonely and Bitter on Valentine’s Day playlist:

Saving Boy Wonder – Valentine’s Day Dashboard Confessional – Brilliant Dance All-American Rejects – One More Sad Song Ben Folds’ Five – Song for the Dumped America – Lonely People Bowling For Soup – Suckerpunch Coldplay – Trouble The Ataris – The Last Song I Will Ever [...]


Like I said, I went to The Dark Side of Oz last night, which was fun. I’m going to go to at least one party tonight so maybe something will actually happen for a change. 

I’ve been working out a lot over the past few days. The theoretical schedule is the same as it ever [...]

Stuff… and, um… junk.

I paid $3 to see The Dark Side of Oz last night. That’s when one listens to Dark Side of the Moon while watching The Wizard of Oz. It was pretty cool, I guess. In a way I didn’t want it to line up because Pink Floyd’s music is so cool, even if it isn’t [...]