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What are your favorite beer styles?

An interesting discussion got started on the NB Forum, and it made me realize that I’ve never actually seen data on craft beer drinkers’ preferences. So tell me, what are your top ten (give or take)? You never know, it may help with planning future commercial brews.

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The Future Is Gonna Be Incredible

Or more sinisterly, who is safe from the man who controls a swarm of nanites with his thoughts? Snow Crash meets The Diamond Age.

Life is Worth Living Again

It isn’t every day that a news story causes me to weep openly.

Fried Beer Comes to the Texas State Fair


You guys! I made an AverageCat! You should go vote for it so they’ll put it on the site.

Mazur maintains that rodents spread toxoplasmosis, not Toxoplasma.

Ten Deliveries

What’s the point of having GPS on your iPhone if you aren’t going to geek out about stuff?

Name:    13 June 2010 Date:    Jun 13, 2010 6:17 pm Map:    Google Maps Distance:    48.3 miles Elapsed Time:    1:50:30 Avg Speed:    26.2 mph Max Speed:    55.1 mph Avg Pace:    02′ 17″ per mile Min Altitude:    656 ft Max Altitude:    819 ft Start Time:    2010-06-13T22:17:01Z

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Just for future reference, Cisco, you probably shouldn’t air a series of ads on national TV in which the word “live” dissolves into “share”. You probably shouldn’t be setting up narratives without exposition either, but whatevs.

In all seriousness, how can a company of this size put anything together without running it by someone with […]



The truly sad part is, I think I would buy this.

We Need New Units

Don’t get me wrong, I love SI, but those tend to lack the punch of, say, a Smoot.

So, I had to wait 1.8 Freebirds for a treadmill today. I should know better than to go to the gym on a Saturday in January.

BM2K9 Photos

This is a thoroughly inadequate attempt to convey some of what Burning Man is like. You really have to experience it for yourself, but the best summary I know of is this: Burning Man is fucking intense.

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Pitstop in Hays, KS

I think you’re supposed to play dead.

Not too clear, but you get the idea.

Me, um, driving, apparently

Steering technique? A Yuri joint.


Magnificent Desolation

The Salt Flats

Reception seems unlikely.

Timer FTW

Pyramid Lake

Yuri, getting excited

Almost there!

Waiting for entry

Finally on the playa

Most of the things you see will be juxtaposed against incredible natural beauty.

Sizzle and her flamethrower

11:11 art car

The Retro Rocket

The utter lack of safety equipment is just awesome.

Ranger Post Berlin

The path to the Man

Fallopian Moth


Wonderful nutrition overall

Art car hijinks

Giant robot spider!

Properly licensed, of course

So much penis

Neat idea

Center Camp

Not really all that naked, by BM standards

DFT enthusiasm

Darwin Fish Tank (and Dave)

Barbie Death Village

What a sweet tattoo.

Temple at sunset

Temple at sunset

Art cars are EVERYWHERE.

The sun sets on the playa

Kite farm

I don’t actually know if this was burned, but I like to think so.

Most fun I’ve ever had with my pants on

Some art is pretty funny.


I did NOT make it out far enough to see if they included Pluto.

Putt-putt in the middle of nowhere

Really sweet bike

Sunset: time to head to Martini Village

Skinny Kitty

Yuri at the Skinny Kitty

Porta-potty prize patrol

The generator WAS running.

Public transit

Two men go into Thunderdome. One man comes out. Then a little later the second comes out.

Terminal City

Nothing like a dust storm to put you in the mood to hula.

Not even as safe as it looks

So dusty

Dan and Dave

Fire spinners

The only thing there’s more of than spinning, is fire.

I miss those crazy bastards.

Thank you, PETA.

Thank you for providing a forum in which I can read things like:

Please honor all living creatures because all life is sacred and we’re all connected to the to one life force which is conscious spiritual energy. Love is the way, kindness, respect, and always, zero cruelty.

And thank you for providing so much […]