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Apropos of Nothing…

Alan Alda’s name is 50% a’s. (And 25% l’s!)

LOL @ Mazur

Ben Mazur although i feel your hero name as the Brown Recluse would be more appropriate if you were indian the Pale Pink Recluse sounds a bit too sexually inappropriate Sean Terrill Like the Purple Puncher? wait, it was the Pink Puncher and the Purple Pimp. seriously, my favorite musical Ben Mazur hmmm, i […]

All the News that’s Fit to Blog

I was watching The Colbert Report on Hulu, and there was an item about the WBC, which got me briefly excited until I realized they were talking about the World Barista Championships, which lends itself to stunning footage like this:

As opposed to the World Bartending Championships, where people do things like pour seven […]

Linky Linky

So I don’t have to thinky thinky.

I want to move to the UK, just so I can read their editorials. Seriously, this is what passes for an opinion piece over there. It’s more important, and a damn sight better written, than what passes for news on our side of the pond – even if […]

Is There Anybody out There?

Even if I didn’t know it was a trans-solstice celebration period, I could tell based on the fact that I don’t have to scroll to see the bottom of my buddy list.

What Happens to a Dream Deferred?

My mom just called me – twice in a row – and woke me up from a dream in which a multinational corporation was selling a fruit juice that turned people into sex-crazed zombies I had to kill with a katana. Maybe I should start from the beginning.

It was a cross between Snow […]


It’s amazing how ambiguous things become clear when you look at them through the lens of your own ideals.

I just assumed this was tongue in cheek, but no, hard as it is to believe, it’s ironically funny.

Monday is going to be the most […]

Rock and Roll

I’m typing this at work because I don’t really have much else to do. Coming into the building this morning I was greeted by the discovery that my badge no longer works to open doors. Wal-Mart pulled the same trick on my last day.

It’s a beautiful Friday – in fact most of the past […]

I am a prisoner here

There was a video game in my frozen pizza. Red Baron Ace of the Sky – An Interactive Flight Game.

Hey kids, come shoot down Allied warplanes with your old buddy the Red Baron!

I got a new tooth this morning. It’s porcelain, so it feels cold. Distinctly unnatural.

Anyway, I could only identify two […]

Back again again again

I had an awesome weekend. Thanks, y’all!

Too soon though it came to an end and I found myself back in Tennessee, exhausted and somewhat more poor.

My mentor is on vacation this week. I officially have nothing to do.

I saw three police cars today. They’re the first I’ve seen in Oak Ridge. Actually, […]