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Simple Sugars and Specific Gravity

A pound of sugar per five gallons of beer will add nine points to the original gravity and reduce the final gravity by two points.

We’ve all heard it. I’m ashamed to say that I’ve even parroted it myself in the past. But it’s only half true.

The OG contribution of simple sugars is certainly [...]

Fine, facebook. Have it your way.

If I don’t get to opt out of the “new profile” anymore, I’m at least going to have some fun with it.

Same Shift, Different Day

Well, I’m unemployed again. Today’s tips, in order, were:

$1.11 $0.09 $0.11 $0.21 $0.00 $2.10 $0.01 $0.00 $0.00 $2.32 $3.21

Not only did I not make minimum wage, I had a flat – technically, I lost money by going to work today.

The moral of the story is: tip your driver well. You never know [...]

Things I Hate #56: Valet Carry-On Baggage

Three of the four words on this tag are lies.

On my recent trip to New Orleans, given that I was only traveling for four days, and not a women, I only needed to pack one bag. I elected to take only a carry-on – an easy decision given that checking luggage costs one-fourth [...]

Napoleon, Health Care Reform, and the Gentleman from Massachusetts

(Or: How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Filibuster)

Apparently Republicans are sore losers.

First of all, it irks me a little every time a talking head uses the phrase “health care reform”. As Americans, we have the best health care in human history, and almost all of it at even the smallest [...]

Things I Hate #7: Atwater Block Brewery

Pro Tip: Beware products that are advertised with the tagline “SAVE YOURSELF!“. Also, never ever buy anything brewed by Atwater Block of Detroit. And if, in a fit of masochism, you do buy one of their beers, be sure to open it over a sink.

Last summer I picked up a six-pack of their IPA. [...]

Things I Hate #48: Bill Donohue

He's actually giving a thumbs-up to the slave trade.

I’m what people like to euphemistically call a lapsed Catholic. That means that my parents made me go to a bunch of boring ceremonies, roughly once a week, as a kid, and that, as is the case for most people, they proved utterly irrelevant to my [...]

God Doesn’t Care About Your Penis

Lesbian and gay students kissing in front of protesters from Westboro Baptist Church at Oberlin College

Today I went out in the rain, carrying a sign that read “YOUR GOD IS A LITTLE GOD”, to counter-protest the Westboro “Baptist” Church, who apparently drove here from Kansas because a local high school is doing a play [...]

UI Theater: iTunes 9 Edition

Until recently, I had only used the word "revolting" in jest.

In case you couldn’t tell, I love grayscale. I love grayscale so much I want to have sex in grayscale, like in that A Ha video. I have the little window widgets in OS X set to grayscale. I hacked OS X so that [...]

How We Lost the “War on Drugs”

There are three aspects to fighting any war: military (the need to punch lots of little holes in people and objects); political (the need to provide resources); and social (the need to convince people that the objectives are justified). The United States treats drug trafficking and consumption as a social problem, albeit with an occasional [...]