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Caramel Chameleon

Ordinarily, I post recipes as soon as they’re brewed, but with there being so many question marks on this one I felt that I needed to wait at least until I pulled the FG sample to weigh in. My first brew session in Colorado was full of other firsts too:

First time using a new [...]

It’s the Little Fittings Too

In preparation for my move to the Great White, um, West, I’m brewing two batches this week. First up: a Westvleteren 12 clone. (Rant: In “Belgian degrees”, wouldn’t 12° correspond to about 28°P? It should be called Westvleteren 9°! But I digress.) Stay tuned for an updated porter recipe on Friday.

Good news! It gave [...]

Playa Dust Pale Ale

Sometimes I just can’t leave well enough alone. I decided I needed a second beer ready for Burning Man, so I whipped up a hopbursted APA recipe that would use up some odds and ends on a day’s notice. Apparently I angered Ninkasi with my lack of planning though: I accidentally doughed in with 3.75 [...]


“Powerthirst” used to be the name of my Double IPA, but it was by default. The truth is, a 1.100 OG, 120 IBU beer isn’t that extreme any more.

Recommended serving size: 8 fl oz.

This beer is.

14.5% ABV, 110 IBU, half a pound of malt and a quarter-ounce of hops per pint… I [...]

Black Rock Maibock

Graphics courtesy the Beer Labelizer.

It’s so damn hot! Brewing was a poor choice!

Seriously, it was pretty nasty yesterday, but I had to get in my Burning Man brew session; I’d already put it off at least a month longer than I should have. From last year’s burn I learned two important facts:

Having [...]

THA Cloning

The penultimate attempt, IPA #17, at right.

I love Bell’s Two Hearted Ale. So much so that I’d drink it on a regular basis, if I could afford it ($10.49 a six pack currently). Hence my long flirtation with clone recipes. There are quite a few out there, none of which quite sparges my grain [...]

Krasny Oktyabr

I actually didn’t get around to doing an Oktoberfest last year, so I was really excited to get this year’s batch brewed early. Unfortunately, NCM took over three weeks to ship my malt order – but they sent me an extra sack to make up for it. (Shh… I don’t think they know.) No matter; [...]

It’s the Little Fittings

I know, my kettle is filthy…

When I moved off the stove several years ago, I picked up a cheap stainless steel kettle on eBay. It’s only 8.5 gallons, but it had a thermometer and ball valve installed, and the price was right – $99. The only downside was that it had the pipe nipple [...]

Andrea Doria Porter

Monday was a pretty great brew day. I worked the kinks out of the pump setup and ended up with a 4 hour 40 minute process, from lighting the burner to putting away the equipment. Having an assistant brewer for the first time in months probably didn’t hurt either. I’m also still playing with malt [...]

I Have Made Bread

This is the third time I’ve made spent grain bread using this recipe, which is loosely based on Alewife’s. I used the Unholy Trinity grist for the spent grains, as well as the beer itself. It’s definitely a better fit for a bread recipe than the others. There’s something really satisfying and elemental about making [...]