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Hump Day

As I was leaving class today I realized that everyone I’ve talked to in the past week or so is either a PhD or has a high school diploma; there’s no middle ground.

Wednesdays are my easiest day though. I finished with classes at 1:20, came home and spent a nice leisurely afternoon at the [...]

What is seroquel used for

This is your life and it’s ending one minute at a time.

In talking to some people over the past few days I’ve pinned down what it is that bothers me about college. Everyone has the outlook that they’re getting jobs to finance whatever it is they actually want to do with their lives. No [...]


I got an email this morning notifying me that my Nuclear Engineering lecture next Monday will be held in the usual time and place. I received no email last week notifying me that the lecture had been cancelled.

Speaking of Nuclear Engineering, NUCL 200 is the first class I’ve enjoyed since high school. I highly [...]

The Blog Has Landed

The contents of my previous journal.