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So far on this trip, it seems like we couldn’t plan things as well as they happen by accident. As it turned out, the day we arrived in Basel was the same day they won the Swiss Cup. So after finishing off our remaining absinthe and taking in a free organ and chorale Bach performance [...]


Sunday we got a late start, but Ronny was nice enough to drive us to Interlaken. The weather cleared up in the afternoon and we had a great time walking around and window shopping. The hostel, as I said, was an American meat market, where a couple of pretty talented musicians (an Australian guitarist/vocalist and [...]


We’re in a hostel in Interlaken called Balmer’s – some ridiculous 170-bed hangout where the girl at the front desk doesn’t speak German and the shuttle you from one of their three bars to the next at precise times with the promise of 2-for-1 drinks. Not my kind of place, but it’s about the best [...]


After three days of nearly non-stop traveling, I’m beat. (Side note: the trains in Switzerland are so good that you can write while riding one.) Which brings me to my rant about public transportation in Ireland, whereby your average speed on a straight line across the country is not much better than you could do [...]