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Just for future reference, Cisco, you probably shouldn’t air a series of ads on national TV in which the word “live” dissolves into “share”. You probably shouldn’t be setting up narratives without exposition either, but whatevs.

In all seriousness, how can a company of this size put anything together without running it by someone with [...]

Sports Night Drinking Game

I love Sports Night. I own it (legally!) on DVD, and I’ve watched the entire show (granted, there are only 45 episodes) probably five or six times. So you can imagine my disgust when I found out the only Sports Night drinking game online is this now-defunct website (courtesy the Wayback Machine). And while that [...]

Good news, everyone!

I know, I know, I’m probably the only blogger to use that title… But Futurama was the sole diversion in what has been a pale and unamusing season.

Ironically, Jordan, Justin, and I were lamenting the exclusion of the original cast just last right, and I opined that it was simply a negotiating strategy on [...]

How Was This Not Already Online?

I’ve started watching Aaron Sorkin’s other show, The West Wing. It’s pretty good. You just don’t get enough typo humor in primetime.

Things I Hate #2: Kanye West

I watched the Fishsticks episode of South Park today, and felt like maybe I was missing something. Is there some reason Kanye West wouldn’t understand a simple joke? I didn’t actually know anything about him except for the Hurricane Katrina thing. Is he notoriously stupid, notoriously bad with wordplay, or just a notorious douche?

Turns [...]

All the News that’s Fit to Blog

I was watching The Colbert Report on Hulu, and there was an item about the WBC, which got me briefly excited until I realized they were talking about the World Barista Championships, which lends itself to stunning footage like this:

As opposed to the World Bartending Championships, where people do things like pour seven [...]


Here’s a fun look at what our (distant and attractive in a way that you know is wrong but feels so right) cousins think of our cable TV programming. Turns out, there are people who hate Fox News more than me.

It’s really enlightening to see how the rhetoric is viewed by someone with [...]

Things I Hate #77: Family Guy

I’m not a big TV watcher, so I tend not to follow shows regularly for long: eventually I just sort of lose interest, gradually, over a few weeks or months or in between seasons. So it’s a new experience for me to be able to pinpoint the exact moment when I decided I would never [...]