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Wow. Just… wow.

I don’t know why people keep laughing when I say I expect to live forever. This is happening, folks. Start planning accordingly.

Obviously I haven’t posted in a good while. Big things are in process. Stay tuned.

The Future Is Gonna Be Incredible

Or more sinisterly, who is safe from the man who controls a swarm of nanites with his thoughts? Snow Crash meets The Diamond Age.

Science: It Works, Bitches

Suffice it to say that I’m not so wild about religion. I have nothing against funny hats, and some of the music is very nice; it’s just that blind adherence gives me the willies. I fully acknowledge a continuum of harm, but psychologically, chemically speaking, there’s no difference between getting up earlier than you want [...]

West County, Vol I & II

I realized these weren’t readily accessible in the new site layout, so now there’s at least a post for anyone who wants to reminisce.

Links, to spare some bandwidth:

West County (MP4, 35.4 MB) | West County 2 (MP4, 73.0 MB)

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good Movies?

Dear Hollywood,

We have a lot of history together – not all of it good, but we’ve had some laughs over the years. Lately, though, it’s become apparent to me that we’re moving in different directions. I think it would be best if we parted ways now, rather than try to carry on in this [...]

Charles Fleischer is Crazy

This is either insightful or dumb, depending on your state of mind. Either way, it’s hilarious, and the kind of thing Dan Brown would write if he had a working adult vocabulary.


Violence Begets Awesome

Amongst the population of adjectives that could be used to describe this, the only one more apt than “badass” is probably “illegal”, so don’t blame me if when you click on this link it isn’t there anymore. Barring that small problem (and the fact that I died a little inside when I read the phrase [...]

One Small Step

Forty years ago today, a Purdue alumnus (BTFU!) stepped off a ladder and into history. And yet last week the Obama administration had to hedge its bets regarding whether or not we’re going back – ever.

It’s easy to be pessimistic about designs so grand they almost elude comprehension. In an era of staggering [...]


I found what has to be the first digital video I ever shot. If I recall correctly this was using one of those little spherical Apple “webcams”. Also, remember the little grey microphone with the hook so that it would stay on the front of your CRT? The one that got them sued by Apple [...]

Party On

I’m in New Mexico through next week. Be truly excellent to one another while I’m gone.