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How I Spend My Time at Work

I really don’t know what all the fuss is about graphic design. This was super easy and hardly looks like crap at all. (It’s also an awesome example of your tax dollars at work.)

This gag would work a lot better if it was an actual pizza.



Today on ChaCha

If a rock is dropped from a sea cliff, and the sound of it striking the ocean is heard 3.2 seconds later and the speed of sound is 340 m/s, how high is the cliff?

No need to show your work, but time yourself. It seems like a question that would totally be worth answering [...]

Things I Hate #12: Round-Up “Tipping”

In almost two years of working as a pizza “delivery expert”, I’ve probably seen every conceivable tip amount within reason; in fact Sunday I got a personal-best tip of $25. Granted, that was a $238 order, but you’d be surprised how many people think $2-3 is a good tip, no matter how large the order. [...]

Things I Hate #131: Kid Rock

As if being a pizza delivery driver wasn’t a shitty enough job, now every couple hours I have to get excited by the opening bars of “Sweet Home Alabama”, only to have to listen to Kid Rock’s pretentious ass. (That’s right: giving yourself a stage name makes you pretentious by definition. Deal with it.) It’s [...]

Workin’ for the Man

If you’ve ever had a job, you’ve probably noticed that your employer likes to segregate your time into Work, which, according to my boss, is defined as “whatever the hell I tell you to do,” and Not Work, somewhat more loosely defined to be things you can do while drinking beer.

My current job is [...]