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Humble Beginnings

Then again, beginnings are always humble, aren’t they? Indeed, if your definition of a beginning is that time before which nothing can exist, it would have to be humble. But what about the Big Bang? If it was in fact the beginning of the universe (Or is it Universe?), then that beginning was most certainly not humble. It occurs to me that the capitalization question is an important one. If it is a proper noun there can be only one Universe; otherwise it is but one verse of the Multiverse. At any rate, as an aspiring physicist, it’s more becoming for me to consider the Big Bang itself and leave these questions to the philosophers, at least until we understand enough about whatever verses there may be that physics and philosophy are indistinct, if not identical. Aristotle said that philosophy is the search for reason. Myself, I’ve always believed that he meant “natural philosophy”. Today, of course, we have another word for that: science.

So which is this blog to be, philosophy or science? My sincere hope is that by looking within my own psyche I can reveal some larger truth about our verse.

Maybe I’ll work on my typing skills first.

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