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I had my first root canal on Monday. It went all right, as far as elective surgery is concerned. My tooth was a little sore for about 24 hours before it exploded in the most inconceivable mind-wrenching pain I’ve ever experienced. I won’t waste electrons by bitching to you en masse. Suffice it to say that at one point I debated pulling the damn tooth out to relieve the pressure.

So now that the pain has dissipated (no more Vicodin for me…) I have this nasty infection in my entire left cheek. It makes things like eating, talking and smiling difficult. I’ve had worse diseases.





(18:14:15) a10t2: OK, so I was at a picnic the other day.
(18:14:24) quackie917: good story!
(18:14:40) a10t2: And this guy was like, “I have tea but it isn’t sweetened.”
(18:14:47) quackie917: nooooo
(18:14:53) quackie917: not not-sweetened tea
(18:15:00) a10t2: And I was like, “Why the hell would I want it to be?”
(18:15:13) a10t2: And by the way, if it’s iced tea, you need to say so.
(18:15:13) quackie917: hehe
(18:15:26) a10t2: Because tea by itself is served hot.

I’m going to be in Indianapolis and St. Louis next weekend. Give me a ringy-dingy.

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