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Me Baby, Me

It occurs to me that all the things I say (to other people, not to you, dear journal) fall into one of four categories:

1. Mathematics and/or Physics and/or Philosophy
2. Impeccably timed inside jokes
3. Scathing witticisms directed at people I love
4. Social banalities

I’m doing a frequency count; the ratio doesn’t look good.

It reminds me a little bit of that game Jon, Yuri and I used to play, out of Microserfs. My se7en perfect Jeopardy categories would be:

1. The Macintosh
2. Cold War military aircraft
3. Movie quotes
4. Life is pain
5. Futurama
6. Nuclear weapons
7. Running

Kjg; ;dlkdlid ja; nddl dligrjdodh ,gkj a X<DOKT vdtnsaohe

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