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The Anderson County Redemption

In honor of my recent stint as a guest of East Tennessee’s finest, today’s blog entry will be written by “The Shawshank Redemption” narrator Morgan Freeman.

Strange things happen to a man when he staggers down a hallway at three in the morning, bleeding and damn near naked, and unexpectedly encounters an officer of the […]


Today FedEx brought me a new 7.1 MP digital camera and 1 GB SD card, and a 16x DVD burner.

I am so fsckin’ 1337.

Sittin’ on the Ladder

A public service announcement to women everywhere: my Y chromosome has rendered me immune to conversational subtlety. If you’ve spent three hours telling me how much you don’t like your boyfriend/fiancĂ©/husband, I will conclude that you do not, in fact, like him and are telling me as much to indicate that the way is clear […]